Dr. Matt Dixon On February 11th, the Bolte School of Business hosted Matt Dixon, Ph.D, C'94, as an Executive in Residence. Dr. Dixon is Executive Director of the Sales and Service Practice of CEB in Arlington, VA. He spoke to students in classes and to business leaders at the BB&T Community Business Forum Dinner about successful selling strategies. Instead of focusing solely on selling products and fostering relationships, Dr. Dixon suggests that challenging customers to think about better ways to do business and then helping them get there is a better sales approach. His book, The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation, provides case studies and analysis to describe the effectiveness of this technique. Professor Cyd Maubert explains how Dr. Dixon helped her students: "Matt Dixon truly enriched our marketing classes by helping students understand that being 'customer centric' does not necessarily mean that everything needs to be focused directly on the customer. Instead marketers in a business to business environment can help their customers by looking around the corner in order to provide insights that reveal new ways of thinking about their business." See the photos from the BB&T Business Community Forum Dinner.