W2W Completion Ceremony portrait

W2W student, Darius Crane (second from right), stands with ( left to right)
Janene Horne, Student Services Coordinator, Mount Accelerated Undergraduate
Programs; Mary Beth Graham, Professor, Bolte Schol of Business;
Ed Nolan, academic Advisor, W2W Program; and Karl Einolf, Dean,
Bolte School of Business.

On Monday, December 3, 2012, the VA Acquisition Academy (VAAA) hosted a ceremony for the 23 veterans participating in the VAAA Warriors to Workforce (W2W) program in Frederick. All 23 completed the first year of their three-year program and received a certificate of achievement. The first year consisted of 30 semester hours of business courses taught by the professors from the Mount's Bolte School of Business and the completion of peak performance training.

Dr. Karl Einolf, Dean of the Bolte School, commended the students on their growth and development since the program's start. He thanked them for their service to our nation and commented on how impressed he was with their teamwork ethics that he witnessed firsthand as their professor. "I was inspired by the willingness of those who understood the material to help out their classmates. They quickly became a team- no one was going to be left behind," said Einolf.

The students completed the Mount program achieving a combined average GPA of 3.6. Fifteen in the group have also enrolled in the Mount's accelerated undergraduate courses with the goal of earning their baccalaureate.

The veterans will now begin two additional years of VA training in government acquisition. At the end of the third year, the W2W students will transfer to federal jobs across the county working as VA Contract Specialists. A new class of W2W students will start on February 19.