"Under the influence of methodological abstraction, consciousness and freedom evaporate."
-Henri De Lubac
"The radical detachment of the Enlightenment philosophy from its roots ultimately leads it to dispense with man. The spokesmen of the natural sciences tell us that man basically does not possess any liberty—in total contradiction of the starting point of the whole question."
- Cardinal Ratzinger.

BB&T Center LogoBy its nature, a Catholic university explores the world through basic assumptions about human existence, particularly that we have some capacity for free and creative action, on the basis of reasoned understanding of eternal and universal ideals that can actually exist, and that civil society serves a crucial function in guiding the development of those capacities, and in passing on those ideas by which people act and shape their lives. How do we deal with such challenges in the quotations above, address them in our courses?
The foundation of the BB&T Center at Mount St. Mary’s University is to recognize that we cannot avoid making such assumptions about human nature and human capacity in either our social theory or in our moral reflection about economic phenomena.
We have designed a free workshop for Catholic high school teachers to provide an opportunity to explore those connections, resources to assist them in bringing them into their courses in practical and accessible ways, and a framework for connecting these themes with other courses.


Please consider joining the BB&T Center at Mount St. Mary's University June 15, 2016 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. for this free seminar.

Seminar Details

When:       Wednesday, June 15. 9 a.m.–4p.m.
Where:      Mount St. Mary’s University; Emmitsburg, Md.
Who:         Teachers and Administrators in Catholic High Schools
Cost:         Free, Includes Lunch

* The first 7 people to register will receive a $300 stipend for attendance *

Workshop Facilitators:

Facilitators will include both Mount St. Mary’s faculty, and teachers currently at Catholic high schools. Confirmed facilitators/presenters:

Philip Bauchan 

Philosophy, Religious Studies - Delbarton School, NJ

Alejandro Canadas

Associate Professor of Economics - Mount St. Mary’s University

Leyton Field

Assistant Professor of Sociology -  Mount St. Mary’s University

John Larrivee

Associate Professor of Economics & Director, BB&T Center for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism - Mount St. Mary's University

Contact Information

Email: bbt@msmary.edu or larrivee@msmary.edu
Phone: (301) 447-5396