This summer, I have the incredible opportunity to work with the Hagerstown Suns, the Class-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Being a sport management major, my dream has always been to work for a professional baseball organization. With the help of the Career Center and my advisor, Dr. Corinne Farneti, I was able to locate this internship and work for credits towards my major while gaining important career experience.
Dave Castellanos
Hard at work as the "Hot Dog Hero" - one of the many, many internship duties.
I work in the group sales department for the Suns, and one of the key components to my internship is working with groups of 10 people or more visiting the ballpark. This includes picnics, camps, birthday parties, and even a wedding on the infield. My internship is not just about making cold calls to bring in more business - although I do my fair share - but working in almost every aspect of professional baseball. I'm involved with on-field promotions, where I run games for the fans and am sometimes the victim of an on-field pie-in-the-face. I even take a turn as "Woolie," the team mascot. I work with the grounds crew to keep the field fresh, often "doing the drag" at the end of the fifth inning, and tarp pulling during rain delays. I assist the clubhouse managers with player's jerseys and equipment. Our general manager, Bill Farley, has even taught me how to do account reconciliations that go directly to the Washington Nationals.
With professional baseball comes a lot of hard work and long hours. Our organization is very small, however we are tight-knit family. There have been some home stands where we worked 12-plus hours a day for a week straight. One night, a few of us stayed overnight at the ballpark during a Cub Scout sleepover on the outfield.
signing autographs
Signing autographs for fans!
I am not the only Mount student working for the Suns. My friends, David Castellanos C'13, and Taylor Place, C'13, help make up some of the Suns front office. During our evaluations, Mr. Farley noted the impeccable work ethic of the Mount interns in particular.
Throughout my internship, Dr. Farneti and Alissa Hart of the Career Center have checked in to make sure that everything is going well. Alissa helped me update my resume to keep it current while Dr. Farneti visited the ballpark to enjoy a game and see her friend and Suns star pitcher, Alex Meyer.
Suns player signing autograph
On the field with the Hagerstown Suns!
The Hagerstown Suns are class-act organization and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with them. I am learning so much and I am truly thankful for the Mount in giving me the education and skills needed for such a job. I am getting a taste of the dedication need to work in professional baseball and the long strenuous hours that comes with it. Classes such as Business Management & Organization at the Mount helped tremendously in working, managing, decision-making, and planning. The Suns help me further utilize and practice these skills on a professional level. Because of this, I have realized that this is truly my career path.
I highly recommend any Mount student looking to start a career in professional baseball to check out the Suns. You could be the next intern that helps the Suns on their run for the South Atlantic League championship!
By Andrew Hull, C '13
Sport Management & Business Major