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JMT Upcoming Issues

Volumes 4 - 8

Beginning in 2015, January issues will be topical, and June issues will be general, open to essays on a variety of topics.

The topical issues are listed to encourage submissions. For information about submission deadlines, please contact the Gloria Balsley, the managing editor,


Volume 4, Number 1
January 2015
Editors: James F. Caccamo and David Matzko McCarthy

This issue on technology will attend to both methodological and practical questions. It will span a range of topics (from social media to bioethics). Among these issues, the connective thread will be problems and concerns that have arisen as the result of digital technology.

Open Issue

Volume 4, Number 2
June 2015


Volume 5, Number 1
January 2016
Editors: Miguel J Romero and David Matzko McCarthy

Open Issue

Volume 5, Number 2
June 2016

Populorum Progressio: 50 Years

Volume 6, Number 1
January 2017
Editors: Mari Rapela Heidt and Matthew A. Shadle

The issue will appear on the fiftieth anniversary of Populorum progressio. It will include articles on the historical background of the encyclical, an analysis of its account of economic development, Populorum progressio's application to contemporary issues, and its connection to subsequent encyclicals, especially Solicitudo rei socialis and Caritas in veritate.

Open Issue

Volume 6, Number 2
June 2017

Children, the Market, Youth Culture, and Moral Formation

Volume 7, Number 1
January 2018

The editorial board of the JMT believes that the topic of children/childhood ought to be given more attention in the disciple. We welcome a variety of approaches to the issues listed in the title of the volume.

Open Issue

Volume 7, Number 2
June 2018

Sports Culture, Culture and Sports

Volume 8, Number 1
January 2019

Sports is an important topic for moral theologians because it is an area of life that (a) almost all of us have interest in, (b) many people in our culture have interest in, (c) is enormously culturally influential, (d) consumes vast amounts of private and public funding, (e) has had countless recent crossover flashpoints, like the PSU-Sandusky sexual abuse scandal (with obvious parallels to the Church's scandal) and (f) has obvious points of contact with moral theology (e.g., think how often in teaching about virtue we analogize to sport).

Open Issue

Volume 8, Number 2
June 2019

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