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Non-Human Animals

Volume 3, Number 2
BrueghelarkJune 2014
: John Berkman, Charles Camosy, and Celia Deane-Drummond

This issue intends to be the first ever issue of an academic journal dedicated to constructive approaches to ethics regarding non-human animals from the perspective of Roman Catholic moral theology. The editors welcome a wide variety of topics and methodologies, but seek essays that evaluate non-human animals as 'subjects' in some sense and not merely as 'objects' of analysis. Examples of the kind of engagements and analyses out of the tradition of Catholic Moral Theology that would be welcome include: essays that engage the significance of recent ethological or evolutionary studies; essays that engage the history of Catholic moral theology; ethical reflection on the 'intrinsic' goodness of a particular animal species in relation to its particular ends and capacities; ethical analyses of contemporary topics like non-human animals as pets and the factory farming of non-human animals.

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