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Beyond the Classroom

Philosophical Society

The Philosophical Society provides students with an opportunity to engage in philosophical reflection and discussion outside of the classroom. One of the most active student groups on campus, the Philosophical Society sponsors a film series and forums on a number of issues that are both timely and relevant to the Mount’s Catholic liberal arts mission. Past forums have focused on religious toleration in Catholic higher education, the Arab-Israeli conflict, sexual morality, stem cell research, gay marriage, and affirmative action. In addition to these events, the Society also holds a number of events for club members, including book discussions and informal discussions.

National Recognition

Mount students have presented papers at national philosophy conferences across the country. In presenting papers, you will have the opportunity to discuss your work with students and professors from other institutions. A number of philosophy majors have been awarded national prizes for their papers by Delta Epsilon Sigma, the national Catholic honor society.

Recent topics of honors projects include:

  • The meaning of personal vocation

  • The ethical issues of stem cell research

  • A critical study of grading practices and attitudes

  • A study of Catholic liberalism

  • Critical studies of the works of Pascal, Husserl and Iris Murdoch

  • A defense of John Hick's religious pluralism

Phi Sigma Tau

The Mount’s chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the international honor society of philosophers, recognizes students who have demonstrated excellent work and a strong interest in philosophy. Phi Sigma Tau also promotes interest in philosophy among the general college population. Members are invited to contribute to Dialogue, a national undergraduate journal of philosophy.

The front of the Phi Sigma Tau emblem displays symbols representing the five streams of world thought (Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Hebrew, and Greek), and the back bears the image of the ancient goddess Athena, a symbol of wisdom and rational inquiry.  The motto of Phi Sigma Tau is Philoúnton Sophían Timé, which translates to "the honor of those who love wisdom."

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