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International Studies Course Descriptions

PSCI 207 International Relations (3)
ECON 310 International Trade, Investments and Economics (3)
HIST 345 Critical Issues in Modern Diplomacy (3)
PSCI 338 American Foreign Policy (3)
THEOL 207 Catholic Social Teaching (3)

IS 400 Senior Seminar (3)
The capstone course for international studies majors, led by departmental faculty on a variety of subjects. Aims at refinement of students' skills in writing, speaking, critical thinking, collaborative work and research. Required of all senior international studies majors. (Fall)

IS 401 Independent Study (1-3)
Independent study or research in international studies. Approval of the instructor, the department chairperson and the dean for academic affairs required. (As needed)

IS 404 International Studies Distinction Seminar (1)
Required for students completing the major with distinction. (As needed)

IS 480 International Studies Internship Seminar (3-12)
Field experience in the international field (government, the private sector, international organizations, institutions, or societies) open to juniors and seniors. Only three credit hours count toward the requirement in the major. Approval of instructor and chairperson required. (As needed)

Language Courses

CVFL 201 The West in the Modern World: Migration: Identity and Integration (3)

FREN 300 or FREN 301 (3)
GERMN 300 or GERMN 301 (3)
SPAN 300 or SPAN 301 (3)

Cultural Courses

FREN 303 (3)
GERMN 303 (3)
SPAN 303 (3)
SPAN 304 (3)

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