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Non-Western Studies

Students who complete the minor in non-Western studies may expect have a better knowledge and appreciation of the great diversity and richness of human cultures in our global society; begin to acquire tools for cross-cultural communication and critique; attain a critical understanding of their own cultures' strengths and limitations; and become proficient writers at the college level (all courses being writing intensive). Students pursuing a non-Western minor may begin to take non-Western courses anytime, as early as the freshman year. Please, contact the program director with further questions.

Non-Western Course Offerings

Mount St. Mary's University offers upper-level non-Western courses in various disciplines as part of the senior core requirement, to enhance major and minor programs, and to expand the general choice of electives. Students may take non-Western courses at any time--as early as the freshman year. Students may not take a non-Western studies course for core credit, however, until junior year at the earliest.

Business Courses

BUSNW 414 Japanese Leadership Style & Management Practices

English Courses

ENNW 360 African Literature
ENNW 363 Literature of the Caribbean
ENNW 365 Non-Western Women's Writing
ENNW 368 Japanese Literature and Culture
ENNW 370 Latin American Fiction
ENNW 377 Literature of Modern India
ENNW 378 Topics in Non-Western Literature

Foreign Languages and Literatures Courses

FLNW 320 Comparative Mythology
FRNW 440 Building Castles in Sand: Tahiti, Martinique and Other French-speaking Islands
SPNW 325 Latin American Culture
SPNW 335 Latin American Civilization
SPNW 355 Survey of Latin American Literature
SPNW 415 Fantastic Genre
SPNW 425 Latin American Women Writers
SPNW 435 Ficcion Latinoamericana

History Courses

HINW 420 Islamic Civilization
HINW 421 The Intuit: Traditions and Transformations
HINW 425 Age of Decolorization
HINW 430 Cultural History of China
HINW 435 African Diaspora

Philosophy Courses

PHNW 344 Intercultural Dialogue
PHNW 345 Alienation and Social Transformation
PHNW 375 Mysticism East and West
PHNW 400 Topics in Philosophy

Political Science Courses

PSNW 313 Comparative Political Systems: Middle East
PSNW 314 Comparative Political Systems: Latin America
PSNW 325 Third World Political Development
PSNW 343 Comparative Political Systems: Africa

Psychology Courses

PSYNW 350 Special Topics

Sociology Courses

SOCNW 360 Pre-Columbian Civilizations of the Americas
SOCNW 401 Biography and Non-Western Culture

Theology Courses

THNW 371 Religions of the World
THNW 375 Mysticism East and West

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