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Foreign Language and Literatures Majors and Minors

The department offers majors and minors in several modern languages and literatures. It is currently developing a major in Italian and offers courses in Italian and Japanese.

Students can also create their own interdisciplinary major based on language courses and culture topics that interest them.

Foreign Language Majors

Interdisciplinary Major

Foreign Language Minors

French Minor
German Minor
Latin Minor
Spanish Minor
Interdisciplinary Minor

Interdisciplinary Languages & Literatures

Cross-Cultural Studies
International Studies
Latin American Studies

Although students can indicate to the dean's office as early as freshman year their intent of majoring in a particular discipline, students can delay declaring their majors until spring semester of their sophomore year. Because a language major begins at the 200-level, it is highly advisable to begin the study of a foreign language as soon as possible.

The declaration of major form can be used to develop a tentative curriculum plan to discuss with your advisor.

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