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English Majors and Minors

English Major

A bachelor of arts degree in English requires 36 credits. Majors take 6 credits in preparatory courses, 30 in advanced.

The preparatory courses are:

  • ENWI 261 and ENWI 262

The 30 advanced credits consist of 10 courses to be taken at the 300 level, including:

  • Two courses in the literature of Britain and Europe (1 course before 1600, 1 after 1600)

  • Two courses in American literature; ENMO 300; ENGE 3/400

  • Four elective courses

Majors may substitute 1 ENGL 100-level course for 1 300-level elective, but this will not fulfill period or national/cultural requirements.

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* Note: This major information is for the current year, requirements for students enrolled pre-Veritas program are listed in the Academic Catalog of the enrollment year.

English Major with Secondary Education Certification

Students wishing to achieve certification for teaching English in grades 7-12 must take the courses specified by the education department and must complete a slightly different set of major requirements:

  • ENGL 318, ENGL 380, COMM 204

  • One course in British/European literature pre-1600

  • One course in British/European literature post-1600

  • Two courses in American literature

  • One course in non-Western literature (this also fulfills the core requirement)

  • One elective ENGL course (if ENGL 100 not taken)

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English Minor

The minor in English consists of 18 credits.

  • ENMO 300; ENGE 3/400

  • Five additional ENGL courses

Minors are encouraged to enroll in electives at the 100 level, which include a variety of film and literature topics, and in ENWI 261-262. Creative writing courses and an internship may be counted in the minor.

* Note: This minor information is for the current year, requirements for students enrolled pre-Veritas program are listed in the Academic Catalog of the enrollment year.

Creative Writing Minor

Offered jointly by the Communication Studies and English departments, the creative writing minor explores connections between the study of literature and the practice of writing. Creative writing minors develop their talents in a variety of narrative forms, including poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. 

This minor consists of six courses (18 credits). Begin with one 100-level course as a foundation for the minor:

  •  ENGL 114 Introduction to Short Fiction

  •  ENGL 118 Introduction to Poetry

 Then take the next course in the sequence:

  •  ENGL/COMM 286 Introduction to Creative Writing (A prerequisite for ENGL 385.)

 Select one or two upper-level courses that count toward the minor:

  •  ENGL 300 Reading Like a Writer

  •  COMM 305 Descriptive and Narrative Writing

  •  COMM 308 Personal Writing

  •  COMM 374 Creative Nonfiction

 Take a 300-level literature course.

Choose one or two advanced writing workshops:

  •  ENGL 385 Fiction Workshop

  •  ENGL 386 Poetry Workshop

Notes: Students must take ENGL/COMM 286 prior to a workshop.)
All creative writing classes emphasize the value of revision and peer feedback. Students may also receive practicum credit for work on the literary magazine, Lighted Corners.

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