Palmieri 1The Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship provides interdisciplinary, co-curricular programs focused on entrepreneurship. The Mount offers both a major and a minor in Entrepreneurship that provides a novel programming and a practical approach to venture development, innovation and design thinking. The center challenges and emboldens all students regardless of their major to develop the skills and resources necessary to achieve their goals. The program was made possible by a generous donation by successful alumni Paul Palmieri and Diane Loiello Palmieri. Emma Green and Briana Burley, two students currently working and learning in the Center, shared with us a little about themselves and their experience in the Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship:
Palmieri 2“My name is Emma Greene, and I transferred to the Mount the fall semester of 2017. I am in my junior year and will be graduating in 2019. I am a Visual Arts major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I didn’t have a major declared until I arrived, only an associate’s degree and the hope to start my own graphic design business. Honestly, my favorite part about transferring to the Mount was making friends, which I really didn’t have the opportunity to do in community college. I was placed in a four-person suite with another junior community college transfer student, who I am very close with. I’ve made some friends here who I know will be with me for the rest of my life.
I was excited to be one of the first Entrepreneurship minors on campus, and was put in connection with Christine Adamow, director for the Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship. Christine encouraged me to pursue my graphic design business and also hired me as an intern for the Center. My main job is to help create an identity for the Center that is recognizable by people on and off campus. I do this through our Instagram as well as through our on-campus advertising and branding. It’s a very real job, and is giving me hands-on experience of working with clients to help them fulfill their creative vision.”
Palmieri 3Briana Burley, a Communication major with a Public Relations concentration, also works at the Palmieri Center. She is a member of the Class of 2018. In addition to interning at the Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship, she has helped with the Young Women’s Leadership program. She says, “What I love the most about my experience at the Mount is the connections I have made with both students and faculty. I would not be the person I am today without the guidance and support each one of my professors have shown me. I have made lasting relationships with so many people here. I am sad to leave my Mountain Home in a few short months, but am thankful that it has given me the skills to be successful in my future endeavors.
Palmieri 4The Palmieri Center for Entrepreneurship is a new center on campus, so it still is not very well known by the community. It is my job to not only create the Center’s identity, but also to gain recognition of the new major/minor degree for Entrepreneurship. We want to increase the number of students obtaining the degree. Through a proper PR campaign, we would like to see more people attending events, more students utilizing the Center’s resources, and more social media exposure. I love the fact that I am using the skills I have learned in class toward a campaign that will reflect positively on the Mount. Christine Adamow is an amazing teacher and mentor. I am so excited to continue to learn from her, and prepare myself for a professional career in public relations.”
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