Nous Cover imageMount St. Mary's University College of Liberal Arts announces the premier philosophy journal, Noûs has selected a paper written by Mount Assistant Professor of Philosophy John Schwenkler Ph.D. for publication in its most recent volume.

In his piece, Vision, Self-Location and the Phenomenology of the 'Point of View' Dr. Schwenkler argues that in visually perceiving the world around us, we are also visually aware of our own location in space. To show this, he analyzes a phenomenon studied by psychologists known as vection, in which an illusion of self-motion in one direction is induced by making the entire visible world appear to move the opposite way, as for example when you are sitting in a stationary train car and the car next to yours begins to move, giving you a sense that your own car is moving the opposite way.

Dr. Schwenkler argues that this illusion is genuinely visual, and involves the apparent motion of one's own body. It is possible to experience this visually even when one's body is entirely out of view.

Noûs is a philosophy journal which publishes articles that address topics at the center of philosophical debate.