The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures just expanded its offerings to include Mandarin Mandarin_InstructorChinese.  Department Chair, Dr. Marco Roman, welcomes Professor Ssu-Ting Liao, who is living on campus and is very excited to teach Mount students about this rich Asian language.

Professor Ssu-Ting Liao is originally from Taiwan where she was a full-time middle school teacher. During 2012-2013 she was an exchange student at Notre Dame of Maryland University. While there, she tutored several students in Chinese, an experience that convinced her to make a career change and led her to ALLEX, a program that helps American universities institute Eastern Asian language courses.  She graduated with a B.A. in English Language, Literature, and Linguistics in 2014 from Providence University, one of the two major Catholic universities in Taiwan, and she received her teacher’s certification from the Ministry of Education in April 2015.

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China, Taiwan, and one of the official languages of Singapore.  It is the most widely spoken language in the world. At the Mount Professor Ssu-Ting Liao will be teaching one beginner-level Chinese course in the fall semester while also taking courses to receive her Master of Arts in Teaching.  She said, “My Chinese 101 is designed for students with no previous background in Mandarin. Also, I teach mostly in Chinese.  A 95% whole-Chinese environment helps improve my students' listening and speaking skills. Writing will be taught after students have a solid knowledge of speaking and listening.”

Professor Ssu-Ting Liao says she designs different contextualized exercises for each class because “learning becomes fun when students get chances to perform greetings and self-introductions. Students also enjoy identifying people and items, ordering at a restaurant, and talking about a daily schedule.” She makes it clear that she wants her students to speak the language and know how to present themselves in a way that a Chinese person would find comfortable. She observed, “Chinese 101 helps students develop skills in Mandarin Chinese to communicate across ethnic, cultural, and ideological boundaries and to develop an understanding of Chinese interpersonal, behavioral, and cultural thought patterns.”

The College of Liberal Arts is happy to welcome Professor Ssu-Ting Liao to our University and to the Department of Foreign Languages!