Christopher Bellitto

The Fall 2017 Ducharme Lecture with Dr. Christopher Bellitto, Professor of History at Kean University, was a success! His Lecture was titled Luther and Church Reform: Catholic Perspectives. Dr. Bellitto introduced us to the scope and progress of dialogue between Protestants and Catholics over the past five hundred years – this year being the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. He described the progress as being one of movement, from diatribe to dialogue. “Reconciled diversity” was a phrase coined by the Lutheran Theologian Oscar Cullman, and borrowed later by Pope Francis. This was a key theme in Dr. Bellitto’s lecture. By focusing on what Catholics and Protestants share in common, they can engender more productive dialogue. This of course has broader implications for intergroup dialogue. As diverse groups – be they political, religious, or social – become willing to listen to those with different perspectives, they have the opportunity to heal old wounds, understand their own distinctiveness in new ways, and build bridges toward greater collaboration.

Chris BellittoView the whole lecture on our livestream page @ Fall 2017 Ducharme Lecture Livestream. And check out some more photos of the event on our facebook page @ Mount St. Mary's University - College of Liberal Arts.