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Spotlight on the Liberal Arts

Spotlight on the Liberal Arts

Keyword: philosophy
Josh HochschildIn his inaugural address last October, Dr. Timothy Trainor, President of the Mount, challenged us to become the best versions of ourselves and “to lead lives of significance in service to God and others.” Dr. Joshua Hochschild, the Monsignor Robert R. Kline Professor of Philosophy, has been pursuing that mission by sharing the goodness of Catholic wisdom to others in the broader community and around the world. In 2017-2018, he has been especially active in that pursuit, while continuing to teach and mentor students.
A Mind at PeaceDr. Hochschild co-authored the book A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction, published in September by Sophia Institute Press. The book, written with co-author Christopher Bloom, addresses the disorientation, anxiety and isolation we experience when overwhelmed by information technology. Much of the book was written last spring, while Dr. Hochschild was teaching a class for undergraduates and seminarians called “Friendship and Contemplation in the Digital Age.” The book draws on the wisdom of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas to help one cultivate the qualities and virtues of character to survive in our media-saturated environment. After strong sales and positive reviews, the publisher is making the book available in hundreds of parishes through the Lighthouse Media evangelization kiosk program. Dr. Hochschild recently gave a talk on the book at the Catholic Information Center which can be viewed here: Catholic Information Center, “A Mind at Peace”
Dr. Hochschild has been active discussing the book on the radio circuit as well. Among about a dozen radio bookings, in November he was interviewed by Bjorn Lundberg, on EWTN Morning Glory: Morning Glory, with Dr. Joshua Hochschild
And in January he was interviewed by Dan Cheely on Relevant Radio:
Dr. Hochschild has also shared insights from his book locally, including a “Chat with the Author” at the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in November, and in-service workshops for faculty, staff, and administrators of St. Maria Goretti High School in Hagerstown, MD.
J. Hochschild 2Dr. Hochschild has also been pursuing other scholarly outreach. In October, he partnered with the Thomistic Institute to present at the University of Maryland, “How Not to Ask about the Meaning of Life: A Lecture on Meaning vs. Purpose.” In this presentation, Dr. Hochschild reflects on whether asking about the meaning of life is even a meaningful question. And in November, Dr. Hochschild presented at the University of California, Berkeley, on “John Henry Newman’s Critique of Liberalism: Lessons from the Aristotelian Tradition.”
This spring, Dr. Hochschild is scheduled to give three invited academic talks related to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. On March 9, he gave a keynote lecture at the Thomistic Conference on "Modern Atheism," sponsored by the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word. In June, Dr. Hochschild will be traveling to Athens, Greece at the Symposium Thomisticum to present a lecture on "The Role of Aristotle in Aquinas." And later that month he will be in Newburgh, NY at a Thomistic Workshop presenting on “Analogy and Divine Naming in Aquinas.”
Josh Hochschild 3These are only a few examples of Dr. Hochschild’s recent endeavors to share the richness of the Mount’s liberal arts tradition. He is an excellent example of a professor who is engaged with his students while going beyond our community to share the goodness and wisdom of the Catholic intellectual tradition.
Scott Coley

Dr. Scott Coley has been with the Mount since 2014. This year he accepted a position as Lecturer in our Department of Philosophy. Dr. Coley earned his B.A. in Philosophy and English from UNC-Chapel Hill. He holds two M.A. degrees, one from Notre Dame and one from Purdue. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Purdue as well. While at Purdue, he was an instructor as a graduate student. Dr. Coley specializes in ethics and epistemology. What Dr. Coley is looking forward to the most here at the Mount is "spending time with colleagues and students, and finding ways to improve as a teacher." He enjoys reading, hiking, and playing golf. Dr. Coley is excited about being part of the Mount Community!

Nous Cover imageMount St. Mary's University College of Liberal Arts announces the premier philosophy journal, Noûs has selected a paper written by Mount Assistant Professor of Philosophy John Schwenkler Ph.D. for publication in its most recent volume.

In his piece, Vision, Self-Location and the Phenomenology of the 'Point of View' Dr. Schwenkler argues that in visually perceiving the world around us, we are also visually aware of our own location in space. To show this, he analyzes a phenomenon studied by psychologists known as vection, in which an illusion of self-motion in one direction is induced by making the entire visible world appear to move the opposite way, as for example when you are sitting in a stationary train car and the car next to yours begins to move, giving you a sense that your own car is moving the opposite way.

Dr. Schwenkler argues that this illusion is genuinely visual, and involves the apparent motion of one's own body. It is possible to experience this visually even when one's body is entirely out of view.

Noûs is a philosophy journal which publishes articles that address topics at the center of philosophical debate.

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