As the semester draws to a close, five candidates for the Master of Arts in Philosophical Studies degree will be presenting their Qualifying Papers over the next two weeks.  All presentations are open to the public.  Unless otherwise specified, they will take place in the Theology Conference Room (Bradley, 4th floor).  Topics and presentation times are as follows:

“Restoration of Nature and the Natural End: Natural Law and the Debate on the Supernatural,” by Br. Peter Gruber. Thursday, 4/24 @ 12:15, Smith Board Room.

“Testimony and Supernatural Faith,” by Br. Justin Bolger. Monday, 4/28 @ 10:00.

“Art, Empathy, and the Moral Consciousness: A Cognitive-Immoralist Position on the Moral Benefits of Immoral Art,” by Howard Jankowski. Monday, 4/28 @ 12:00.

“Just War Tradition: Preventive War is not in Accord with the Theory,” by Eric Zuniga. Wednesday 4/30 @ 12:00.

“The Christian Trinity Chez Plotinus,” by Cameron Hahne. W 5/7 @ 3:00.

For further information, contact MAPS program director Dr. Christopher Anadale.