Assistant Professor of history Dr. Gregory Murry has just published a major study of Renaissance Italian politics.  The book, The Medicean Succession: Monarchy and Sacral Politics in Duke Cosimo Medici’s Florence, marks the first time a Mount professor has published with the prestigious Harvard University Press.

The Medicean Succession traces the unlikely success of a duke appointed by political compromise at age seventeen.  Drawing on a wide variety of archival and published sources, Murry examines how Cosimo and his court successfully employed the image of a divinely-inspired monarch.  Attentive to theological rhetoric and culture, Murry posits that Cosimo was able to channel preexisting local religious assumptions as a way to establish continuities with Florence’s republican and renaissance past.  In one of the first reviews, Steve Donoghue, of Open Letters Monthly, calls Murry’s Book “shrewdly intelligent and rollingly entertaining.” 

Dr. Murry came to Mount St. Mary’s in 2010, after completing doctoral work at Penn State.  He was an undergraduate, majoring in Catholic Studies, at University of St. Thomas (Minnesota).  At the Mount, Dr. Murry has been exercised leadership in the history department’s honor society, and in the development and implementation of the new Veritas Program.  Last spring Dr. Murry received the Class of 1950 Award for outstanding service to the university, and was named the Monsignor Tinder Professor in recognition of his support of the liberal arts.

The chair of the Mount’s history department, Dr. Curtis Johnson, notes, “Over the years, Mount St. Mary’s faculty members have published their work with prestigious academic presses and have won national awards for their essays, articles and monographs.  Dr. Gregory Murry has added his name to the above list.  The history department is very proud of Dr. Murry and his accomplishment.”