New Internship Component to History Major

As part of the History Department's concentrated focus on career planning, beginning with the Class of 2017 all history majors will complete an internship. Depending on student circumstances, internships will be 1-, 2- or 3-credit experiences. Students can complete an internship during the regular semester or over the summer, from the spring of their sophomore year up to graduation. History majors can also complete more than one internship (up to 12-credit hours are allowed) during their time at the Mount.

Faculty advisors in the History Department will encourage students to look for internships early in their undergraduate years. All history majors will learn about internship opportunities in HIST 202 Making History; the university's Career Center, along with Samantha Rife, the department's Administrative Assistant, will also serve as valuable resources as students seek relevant internships. The new component of the major is based on a commitment to importance of practical experience in developing students' skills and preparing for the post-college job market.