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Language Placement Testing

As part of the Mount's core curriculum, all freshmen will either broaden mastery of a foreign language already studied in high school or will begin study of a new foreign language . Prior to arriving on campus for Orientation, you are required to take a placement test for the foreign language that you studied in high school (grades 9-12) if you plan to continue studying that language. If you plan to begin in a new language (one in which you have not had prior study in high school), no placement exam is required. If you have any questions, please contact the Foreign Language department or 301-447-5322.

French, German, Italian, and Spanish Testing Instructions

WebCAPE is a program that assesses your ability in a language you have previously studied and assists you and your advisor in choosing the right level language course. This online system is dual platform so it works in both Windows and Mac environments. The testing process takes between 10-45 minutes. You may take the exam only once.

I. Prepare Your Test Environment

You will need to create a proper test environment; that is, do not use reference materials, and do not consult others to answer exam questions. You must comply with the Mount’s Academic Honesty Policy.

II. Take the Test (Read all instructions before beginning your exam)

  1. Access the Placement Exam through this link WebCape System.

  2. Enter the Password in the window when prompted.* Password: MSM2018

  3. You will enter the Mount WebCAPE site. First, select the correct language.

  4. Next, create your student profile. Please fill out all information, including number of years (or levels) you studied your language during high school (grades 9 through 12), and your birth date as your ID (mm-dd-yyyy). This information is important for our records. Once you've submitted the profile, you'll be given access to the exam.

  5. During the exam, if the screen does not advance immediately to the next question, just resubmit your answer. The next question should appear. This can happen (infrequently) if the system is busy. Work through the exam at a steady pace so that the exam does not time out and submit prematurely.

  6. Click ‘submit’ after answering the last question to complete the exam.

III. How Do I Interpret My Test Scores

WebCAPE will show your raw score immediately (which will also be forwarded automatically to the Foreign Languages Department office). The Foreign Languages Department will email your actual placement score to you at your Mount St. Mary’s University email account. Your results will not be available until you have set up your email account.

Latin Testing Instructions

Students who are interested in taking Latin as their core language should submit their name, indicate the number of years of Latin studied in high school, and provide a brief statement explaining the reason for their interest in studying Latin to .

Placement in Latin occurs through a transcript analysis of general verbal skills demonstrated in English courses taken in high school and SAT (or other standardized tests). This data is reviewed in relation to the information requested by the Foreign Language department above.

Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese Instructions

  1. Students who have prior experience with these languages should consult the instructor the first day of class. Your language ability may be assessed by the instructor. These languages are only offered at the elementrary level and are not ordinarily open to students with 3 or more years of high school study.

  2. Native speakers who have spoken these languages regularly growing up are not eligible to take language courses at this level either.

Majors are available in Foreign Language - Italian Concentration, Foreign Language - Latin Concentration, French, German, and Spanish. Minors are available in Cross Cultural Studies (Asian Languages & Cultures), French, Latin American Studies, Latin, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Get information on the Foreign Languages sequence and credit for prior learning.

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