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SmallTalk: Exploring a Graph using Depth-First-Search Algorithm

Thu. Mar 20, 2014 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Laughlin Auditorium

Speaker: Benjamin Soibam, University of Houston

Google, Facebook, Physicists, Biologists and Computer Scientists, they all rely on Graphs to store and process huge amount of data. A strong understanding of Graphs by engineering or computer science students is critical for their future endeavors. In my 20-30 minutes talk, I will give a very brief introduction to Graphs - formal definitions and how graphs are represented in computer science. Then, I will talk about one elementary algorithm which is used in "exploring" a Graph called Depth-First-Search Algorithm (DFS). I shall also go through some simple Graphs to demonstrate DFS. I will pitch my talk to students who are not familiar with Graphs.

SmallTalk is an informal colloquium series on topics related to Mathematics and Computer Science. Talks are limited to 30 minutes. Refreshments provided by the Mount MAA and ACM Student Chapters.

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